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No single brokerage is right for every investor. But whether you're choosing your first brokerage or evaluating alternatives to your current firm - once you know your goals, the selection process is the same:

  • Services - Are the firm's services a good match for your goals? Look for market coverage, trading and information resources, advice and support - and above all, performance
  • Costs - Demand competitive commissions and a trading platform that will meet (or exceed) your needs. But stick to your goals - don't accept substandard execution even for a "rock bottom" rate
  • Security - Consider financial risks and more - will your information and strategies stay private? Are your assets safe online? Is the firm prepared for high volumes and hacker attacks? DIRECT TRADE is the discount futures performance specialist. Our services, fee structure, and risk-management policies are all optimized for the self-directed independent futures trader.

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Our history, reputation and partnerships reflect the confidence and trust DIRECT TRADE has earned from the investment community and our Clients
DIRECT TRADE follows responsible published policies to protect the privacy of our Clients' information, the security of their assets and the availability of our services
Clients ranging from first-time investors to high-volume professional traders find their best execution per dollar at DIRECT TRADE

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**There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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