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About the Firetip Trading Platform

Great executions start on your desktop. That's why your DIRECT TRADE account includes the software-based Firetip Trading Platform, with the power to set up great trades quickly and execute them instantly:


  • Customize Firetip to your trading style - organize quotes, charts, news and tools across one monitor or more
  • Include one-of-a-kind tools like the Firetip trading matrix and depth-of-market window for on-the-fly analysis
  • Track your progress with order book, fills window and account details - fully integrated and updated in real time

Trading functionality with Firetip:

  • Trading Matrix - Select, track and trade contracts on your personal, up-to-the-second trading desk
  • Depth Trader - Monitor market depth using the trading book direct from the exchange - and trade with a single click
  • Order Book - Monitor, modify or cancel pending and working orders for continuous management of your position
  • Fills Window - Evaluate progress throughout the trading day with detailed position data and a live profit-and-loss statement
  • Account Detail - Review and evaluate all your trades - no matter how you placed them - on a single screen
  • News - Keep an eye on news that affects your trades, or synchronize positions to the release of economic information
  • Live Charting - Track and analyze opportunities using all the standard indicators - or your own pointers and trend lines
  • Help - Just a click away, structured help delivers just the information you need without time-wasting navigation

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**There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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