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DT Online: News

Having access to real-time news is a major bloodline to the market place:

  • Real-time - the most important aspect of news is if your news is "real time" or just "yesterday's news". If a major announcement is released that impacts your trading, do you want that information now or five minutes from now ? At DIRECT TRADE, you will have the news now, real-time
  • Comprehensive - at DIRECT TRADE, we have dozens of different news sources you can rely on. We make our best efforts to offer news from different relevant sources to make sure you get the news you demand and expect. Of course, this means that the same story can be reported from four or five different vendors, but each may give you a different perspective, and most importantly, if one vendor gets the headline out a few seconds or minutes faster than the rest, it is to your advantage
  • Thousands of stories - each day, there are literally thousands of news stories. During active periods of market trading, there may be a new story headline every few seconds
  • Filter your headlines - at DIRECT TRADE, you can manage the tens of thousands of headlines by simply querying for the headlines of interest. Trading gold? Search for relevant news by typing in "gold" in the search box

To obtain the same news feed that we provide at DIRECT TRADE, you could easily spend hundreds or thousands of dollars per month. As a DIRECT TRADE customer, we provide you with this timely and detailed information via our trading platforms.

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