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About DT Online

DT Online is our full-featured web-based platform giving you access to market information and trading across the globe. With DT Online you can analyze research, read expert commentary, get real-time quotes, place orders, and monitor your trading easily, instantly, and from anywhere in the world.

At DIRECT TRADE, web-based trading could never be any easier:

  • Account Detail - Monitor your account balances, positions, cash activity, and margin requirements real-time.
  • Account History - Access every single account statement for your account from the first day your account is opened. Easily and instantly. Statements never expire from our web site and you never have to wait for a statement in the mail; they are available "forever" online.
  • Order Entry - Place trades for futures, options, futures spread, options spread, single stock futures, and even place trades on futures contracts worldwide.
  • Order Status - Get detailed status information on your orders. View Working, Filled, and Cancelled orders for the trading day on one screen
  • Quotes and Charting - Pull up real-time quotes on a symbol or if you like, look up every single option contract on a particular underlying futures, organized for your convenience on one screen. Access our powerful charting package to help you with your trading strategies
  • Contract Specs - Find out what the margin requirement is for the contract you are thinking of buying or selling. Get expiration dates, first notice dates, and contract information at your fingertips.
  • News - Access thousands of news stories real-time throughout the trading day. Economic numbers and key statistics are available to you the second they are released.

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