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  1. Who is DIRECT TRADE Futures?
    DIRECT TRADE Futures is a deep discount futures and options brokerage located in the heart of Silicon Valley. Our mission is to combine technology for high-performance execution with some of the lowest commissions in the industry. Learn more about us at "About DIRECT TRADE".

  2. Why should I choose DIRECT TRADE Futures?
    DIRECT TRADE offers direct market access order execution for futures and options, which is the fastest method of order execution. Research and quotes, professional-grade trading station and services are all included. You may find lower commission rates - but not with DIRECT TRADE's unbeatable execution.

  3. What type of account can I open?
    Open an IRA, Individual, Joint, Corporate, Partnership, Foreign, Trust, or Hedge account - contact us with any special requirements.

  4. How do I open a trading account?
    Most traders apply online, but apply by fax or through the mail if you prefer. Open your account today - full details are right here.

  5. What is the minimum account size?
    An initial deposit of $5,000 qualifies you for the $7.00 rate. You may open an account with as little as $2,000, but commissions will start at $29.00 per round-turn until you build the balance to $5,000 or more. Then just give us a call - we will be delighted to reduce your commission rate to $7.00 and keep it there.

  6. What does DIRECT TRADE offer high-volume traders?
    High-volume traders care about commissions - and with good reason. A few points can spell the difference between profit and loss - some advanced strategies make sense only when transaction costs are low. DIRECT TRADE cares about commissions, too - ours are among the industry's lowest.

    Seasoned investors know that prompt, reliable execution is even more important than a low rate. A single botched execution can wipe out months of disciplined trading, or spoil an opportunity staked out far in advance. At DIRECT TRADE, execution is where we shine - fast, reliable, direct, and worldwide.

    And since big opportunities often come when everyone is rushing to trade, DIRECT TRADE invests in spare capacity - up to 50x normal - to handle peaks, and puts your trading station in your hands - not on a vulnerable Web site. A fully-funded "backup" account at DIRECT TRADE helps keep you in the game through those peaks.

  7. Can I transfer an existing account to DIRECT TRADE?
    Of course. Look for the transfer form with your on-line or printable account application. Follow the instructions to fill it out, and all open positions and cash balances will transfer to DIRECT TRADE. Please contact us with any questions, or if you need help transferring your account.

  8. What if I need additional trading assistance?
    In addition to direct online and phone service, DIRECT TRADE offers both broker-assisted and full-service trading packages. New traders can get started with one-on-one assistance from a professional futures broker. And even experienced traders can test strategies and hone skills working with a DIRECT TRADE professional. Contact us to speak with a DIRECT TRADE representative about opening a full-service or broker-assisted account.

More questions?

Call us at 800-345-2270, or email our customer service team.


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Do you have a question that isn't answered here? Please contact us about it, and we'll get an answer to you quickly.

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Privacy Policy

**There is a substantial risk of loss in trading futures and options. Past performance is not necessarily indicative of future results.

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