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The DT Advantage: Execution

Less than 1 second execution

DIRECT Execution

Experienced traders know there's no substitute for execution - turning orders into trades. For online trades, the process breaks down like this:

  • for electronic markets - for virtually all electronically traded products, your orders are sent directly to the exchange's electronic system for instant order execution.
  • pit (open outcry) markets - your orders are routed from your desktop directly to the trading pit at the exchange floors. Where it is offered as an option, your orders will always be sent directly to the broker's handheld terminal inside the trading pit. DIRECT TRADE will always route your orders using the fastest available method for every U.S. traded contract
  • from trading station to execution - with other firms, network congestion or brokerage technology limits may increase delays, or even lose your order.
  • the bottom line - due to our extensive use of all available technology, DIRECT TRADE offers fast execution time and in our opinion, the best fill quality available

DIRECT TRADE built its business on orders sent - directly and electronically - to the electronic exchange for instant execution or straight to the pit trader's handheld device. Direct execution saves minutes that can make or break a strategy.

End-to-end execution

But there's more. Execution isn't just from order to fill - it's from idea to result. To evaluate end-to-end execution, ask questions like these:

  • Is the trading platform under your direct control, or are you counting on response from a distant - and possibly congested - Web site?
  • Are your trading tools simple and direct - or cluttered with distracting advertising and features you'll never use?
  • Can you see everything you need to trade at a glance - or do you need to wrestle with multiple tools and pages to complete the simplest trade?

At DIRECT TRADE, we've optimized every step of our process to deliver trading the way it should be - fast, simple, DIRECT.

More questions?

Check out our Online Account creation FAQ, call us at 800-345-2270, or contact our customer service team.


Still Not Sure?

Self-directed traders prefer the high performance they get from DIRECT TRADE's end-to-end execution. But if you're new to trading, you may prefer to practice using a DIRECT TRADE demonstration account, or contact us for details on a broker-assisted account to get you started.

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